Located in the municipality of Teguise, Famara beach is a mountainous massif in the north of Lanzarote. It often has large waves and is popular with surfers. The scenery is spectacular and does wonders to the imagination.

Surfing is a great way to disconnect during a holiday, and in the cost coastal town of Caleta de Famara there are several schools that offer lessons. Caleta offers views of the tiny islands of the Chinijo archipelago and the Risco de Famara mountains. The town has pretty white buildings with blue detail.

There are hardly any paved streets. Instead, houses are divided up by sandy atmospheric alleys. This rustic location is a great spot to watch a sunset. When the nearby mountains turn golden in the evening and the waves break against the shore, there is little to do but relax.

For eating out, there are delicious restaurants that offer fresh fish caught in the local area. Crispy moray eel is a Canarian favourite and popular in the area.


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