The exhibition “Legado” was inaugurated in the Plenary Hall of the Spínola Palace, coinciding with the commemorative events for the Day of the Canary Islands; a sample of the ancestors of the past of Teguise, who marked the way, with a selection of costumes and images of the traditional dress of all the folkloric and cultural groups of the municipality, as well as a sample of handicraft objects of ceramics, cutwork, embroidery, rosette, pita, old instruments, looms, brassware, cochineal and objects and photographs of native sports such as handball and canarian wrestling.

The Mayor of Teguise, Oswaldo Betancort and the Councilor for Culture, Nori Machín invite “all Lanzarote residents to learn a little more and better about the traditions that have marked the history of Teguise, and that are still alive thanks to a very committed society with its roots ”.

The opening hours of the exhibition at the Casa-Museo del Timple will be in the morning (from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) from Monday to Sunday; and in the afternoon (from 17 to 20 hours) from Monday to Friday.

The events of the Teguise Recovery of Customs and Traditions program will continue on Friday, May 28, at 11 am, with a tasting of Canarian products in the courtyard of the Casa-Museo del Timple; and at 5 pm, with the ruling of the 1st Drawing Contest “La Identidad Canaria”, in which the schools of the municipality of Teguise participate.

On May 29 there will be another tasting of Canarian products at the patio of the Timple House-Museum; and at 9 pm, concert by the Municipal Band of Teguise and folk groups in the Santo Domingo Convent.

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