This “fruit-vegetable” originating in South America, not only serves to dress our salads, it also has magnificent properties increasingly known by curious consumers. Without a doubt, a fresh stem, if preserved, and a smooth and spotless appearance are indispensable conditions to acquire them. But only if you buy them in season will there be possibilities of getting tomatoes with some flavor.

Scientifically it is called: Lycopersicum and all the varieties have interesting benefits for our health due to their high content in different compounds such as:

– Mineral salts (potassium and magnesium, chlorine, phosphorus, calcium, sulfur, magnesium, sodium, iron, copper, zinc, iodine, cobalt, manganese, chromium, nickel and fluorine). Vitamins B1, B2, B5 and C.

– It is an antioxidant, it contains vitamins K and E and Carotinoids, such as lycopene (gives color) in addition to being rich in water, fats and fiber, etc …

– That is why it benefits our body to reduce certain types of cancer, especially cancer of the prostate, pancreas, lung, colon, and due to its low sodium and fat content, its use is recommended in people with cardiovascular or hypertensive diseases.

– Alkalizes and purifies the blood, fights infections and deflates.

– It has beneficial effects on the immune system.

– Recommended in low calorie diets.

– Its high content of folic acid makes it highly indicated in the diet of pregnant women.

– It is not recommended for consumption in people with a tendency to form kidney stones or with heartburn problems due to its oxalate content. It is a natural laxative.

– You can consume them ripe, and use them in juices, mixed with other vegetables are quite diuretic.

Tomatoes should always be stored at room temperature. It is a fruit especially sensitive to refrigeration, which damages its membranes, causes loss of color, flavor and a soft and mealy texture. If you store them in the fridge mature, the effects are not so drastic, but the best thing, if they are already ripe, is that you just eat them.

So that they mature equally, they are placed spread out, on the part of the stem, and without touching each other.

The most widely consumed varieties are:

o Canarian tomato, quite red and round, with a sweet and sour flavor.

o Tomato, raw, small in size and thin skinned, does not deteriorate quickly.

o Pear tomato, suitable for making preserves, for its flavor and aroma.

o Cherry tomato, it has a fruity flavor and is used to decorate dishes and salads.

o Green tomato, of little intense color, has a hard pulp, it is appreciated for salads.

o Raf tomato, very pulpy and one of the most coveted varieties by gourmets.


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