We will have to get used to a new normality in the premises.

We will soon be sitting on the terraces of the cafeterias again. Screens will be placed between client and client and the safety distance between all will be maintained.

On Tuesday, April 28, the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, appeared at the Moncloa Palace to report on the four phases of de-escalation in this global pandemic that we are experiencing. Except for Formentera, El Hierro, La Gomera and La Graciosa, which enter phase 1 from May 4, the rest of the territories will be in phase 0 until May 11 where, if all goes well and without upturns, we will enter the phase 1 that will allow trips to see family and friends, the general opening of premises and commercial establishments with limited capacity and safety distances, opening of terraces with 30% of the usual tables, etc. And so, little by little, in two-week periods, the situation will be analyzed and more activities will be incorporated until getting back to normal.

A positive point that we have mentioned previously, is that there is very little left to go back to sit on the terraces of cafes or restaurants and enjoy their wonderful and delicious dishes. On May 11 the opportunity begins to support all local establishments that have been affected during the period of confinement, remaining closed. However, we will have to take extreme precautions to avoid spikes.

Restaurants must take into account a number of conditions when they reopen, such as hygiene and sanitary measures to prevent the virus from spreading again, at least until a treatment or cure appears. We will have to get used to having our body temperature taken, which will also be mandatory for all the staff of the establishment and undergo a thorough examination before starting work.

One of the most outstanding or most impressive measures will be that some establishments will place screens, that is, transparent screens between client and client, as well as ensuring that the safety distance is met between one table and another. Disinfection of hands will also become a new routine for both parties, so we will see dispensers hanging on the wall or on the tables. To avoid crowds, restaurants and cafes should organize their reservations in staggered hours, so as not to exceed the limited capacity. The letters will disappear and, from now on, it can be accessed through a QR code that will send us directly to the local offer, to avoid passing a physical letter.

It is a situation that nobody is used to and to which we will have to adapt both clients and the owners of the establishments. It may be difficult at first to enter this ‘new normal’, but it will only be if each one of us does our part so that we can soon enjoy ourselves as before.

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