Saturday, October 19 – Costa Famara Restaurant

New Tasting day of Iberian Ham ‘Señorío de Montanera’, by the hand of the ham master, Ramón Romero.

Tasting menu:

• Iberian ham bombon filled with date, nuts and cheese
• Iberian ham ‘Señorío de Montanera’
• Tomatoes cherry salad, fresh goat cheese and Iberian ham
• La Santa fresh prawns  Carpaccio with Iberian ham shavings
• Pan Tumaca (Tumaca bread)
• Fresh mushrooms filled with Iberian ham, and gratin with smoked goat cheese
• Steams king prawns wrapped in Iberian ham
• Loin of fresh parrot fish with Iberian ham on a bed of potatoes
• Grilled Iberian Secret with iberian ham shavings and mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes


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