The Canary Islands have been subject to a multitude of cultural influences that can all be seen in its cuisine. The inhabitants of Lanzarote inherited some of their culinary customs from the original indigenous inhabitants. Apart from the Guanche legacy, the island gastronomy has also been influenced by Spanish and South American cuisines.

The dishes stand out for their simplicity, as the ingredients are more important than the processes, but the results are very tasty.

Excellent meat, fresh fish, vegetables and virgin olive oil all have their place on Lanzarote’s tables. An important role is played by local wines and cheeses.  Stews are the most typical way of consuming vegetables. Owing to the wealth of the sea surrounding the Canary Islands, there are many varieties of fish. Highlights from the recipes using fish include Sancocho (fish stew) and fish soup.

The most commonly found meats include porkchickenrabbit and goat. With regard to desserts, panes de maní (peanut buns) and roscos de alma (a kind of doughnut) are typical.

And we must not forget to mention the most popular dish: papas arrugadas (potatoes boiled in their skins). Accompanied by mojo (a local chilli and garlic sauce), they are must have during any visit to Lanzarote.

Come by Costa Famara to try the ones we prepare at home.

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